Friday, February 28, 2014

Koschei, the Deathless, Demon King of Frost Giants

% In Lair: 0%
Dungeon: Special
Wilderness: Special
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
AC: 12
Hit Dice: 15****
Attacks: 2 (hammer, 1+)
Damage: 6d8/6d8, plus ice rime and deafness (see below)
Save: F14
Morale: N/A (Fearless)
TT: R (amongst his followers, see below)
XP: 6,600

Koschei is demon king of the frost giants. There are few demon lords more inimical to the mortal world than he, the Deathless, the Smiling Man, Eyetaker.

Koschei appears as a horribly emaciated, scarred, and disfigured frost giant, hairless but for his thick eyebrows and a long, plaited goatee of sickly yellow. His deepset eyes are piercing and incredibly beautiful, and his perfect smile is set in a face which is otherwise dour and hideous. Koschei wears nothing but a ragged and filthy kilt of hairy scalps, sewn together raggedly with locks of hair from the womenfolk he and his giants have taken, and a thick necklace of rotting cord and preserved eyes, other trophies of his many kills. Regardless of a lack of armor, Koschei's skin and bones are as hard as the strongest dragonscale, and he is immune to nonmagical weapons. Magical weapons deal half damage to Koschei, unless they have some manner of fire ability, or are +3 enchantment or better.

Koschei bears a massive hammer composed of black, reeking ice, which functions as a +3 warhammer. When Koschei successfully strikes his foe, his opponent must save vs. Blast or suffer 2d8 extra damage from ice and be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. His opponent must also save vs. Death or be deafened permanently..

Within 50' feet of Koschei, the air is so cold that those not specially resistant to such an environment will suffer 1d6 points of damage per round. Within 50' of that, the air is still uncomfortable.

Koschei can cast spells as a 12th level magic-user. He can cast cause serious wounds, charm monster, darkness and dispel magic at will.

Three times per day he can summon 1d4 frost giants or 1 large, adult dragon.

Koschei is nomadic rarely found alone. At any given point, he will be served by 1d100 mortal slaves, usually bearing such goods and treasure as are necessary for the campsite of a great king. At least 2d6 frost giants will be keeping the great lord company, and a like amount of ogres. 2d20 human (mostly Menhirrim) berserkers straggle along with the great lord, magically given resistance to cold in return for their eternal loyalty- and at least one of their eyes. These berserkers are often heavily tattooed with blue and white ink.

Koschei is mortal- after a fashion- but slaying him permanently is exceeding difficult. Koschei's soul, shrivelled thing that it is, lies within a green glass heart which is locked away within an iron trunk, which he has hidden away in an unknown location. This heart must be broken, or Koschei will be reborn 2d6 days after his death. How this heart might be broken is left to the discretion of the Judge.

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