Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[ACKS Monster] Largha

% In Lair: 60%
Dungeon: None
Wilderness: Hunt (1d8)/Tribe (2d4 hunts)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90' (30')
Swim: 120' (40')
AC: 4 (3 natural, 1 hides and furs)
Hit Dice: 3*
Attacks: 2 (tusks, by weapon)
Damage: 1d8, by weapon +2
Save: F2
Morale: +1
TT: J (per tribe)
XP: 65

Largha are a bizarre blend of humanoid and walrus, with powerful, 7' builds, neckless torsos ascending into great, tusked heads, and thick, three-fingered hands clutching driftwood harpoons and axes. Largha have wide, flipper-like feet with thick nails. Their hides are thick and blubbery, and largha are able to swim and dwell in the coldest of natural climates with no penalty. Some largha (75%) are primarily sea-dwelling, possessing many longships and skin boats, while other largha are land-based, and possess sleds and the hunting dogs to pull them. 

Largha are fiercely territorial, and will attack interlopers for the sheer joy of it. Largha tribes will not cooperate, and if they encounter one another, it almost always comes to blows.

Most largha fight with harpoons, which they throw with great efficacy. A thrown largha harpoon deals 2d4 damage. Usually, these harpoons are attached to ropes, which the largha uses to reel in their prey. A Save vs. Paralysis is required by the target of a successful largha harpoon, failure resulting in the harpoon remaining embedded. The largha may then reel in their foe at a rate of 30' per round, dealing an additional 1d4 points of damage. A harpooned opponent may continue making Saves vs. Paralysis to break free, or may attack the rope (AC 2, 5 hit points) in order to free themselves.

Largha females are somewhat smaller than the males, having 2 HD and dealing 1d6 damage with their tusks. For every hunt in a lair, there will be 1d6 females and 1d4 non-combatant children. Each hunt of largha will be led by a huntmaster with 4 HD and deals +3 damage with weapons. Each tribe of largha is led by chieftain of 5 HD, who similarly deals +3 damage with weapons, and whose tusks deal 1d10.

25% of largha tribes have a male kagog, which is a spellcaster with the stats of a huntmaster, plus 1d4 levels of shaman and 1d4 levels of warlock. Each tribe will also always possess 1d4 female largha who are able to cast spells as a shaman of level 1d6.

50% of largha tribes will possess 1d4 polar bears as guard animals and companions.

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