Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Almost a Review: The Gnomes of Levnec

The Gnomes of Levnec
OSR Bundle of Holding +33

I just got this as part of the OSR Bundle of Holding +3, which I encourage you all to go get RIGHT NOW.

Go on, I'll wait.

This is a really simple module/supplement, talking about a small area, it's idiosyncracies, and it's weird gnomes.

Now, it's no secret that I hate gnomes and halflings with a fiery passion (at least, in my games). But I had a cool idea for gnomes for my ACKS game (they're little cannibal wooden guys who grow up into treants), and The Gnomes of Levnec is at least as awesome as that. I mostly wanted to write this because it reminded me of my own idea for gnomes.

It's a little too over-the-top-gonzo for me (as so much of the OSR stuff is- I also read Slumbering Ursine Dunes tonight, which was more (but not much more) my speed. But it's awesome and some of the stuff in it is usable- the spells included are thoughtful, the village which is written has the mandatory dark secrets one expects from a document that feels kind of LotFP to me, and there's a bit of a dungeon to crawl.

All in all, it's a pdf I would not have bought unless it was in the Bundle of Holding, and for which I am glad I shell for those.

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