Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Well, Room 4: Black Chains

Twenty feet away from the True Well, down the eastern passage, the hallway passes by two doors, one on either side of the hallway. 

Ten feet further, the hallway ends at a third door.

The left (north) door appears to have been hacked down at least once, and has been re-hung, apparently recently, on well-greased hinges. The door is neither locked nor stuck. Through the door is a fifteen by fifteen room. Thick black chains hang from the eastern wall- four sets, all of which are empty. 

In the western side of the room is a crow cage, with several tongs, branding irons, and knives hanging from hooks along one of the hoops of iron. The knives are very sharp, and appear well-used. Stamped into the steel blade of one of the knives is the Dwarven rune for "N", and there are several strange notches near the base of the blade.

This knife can be used as a key for the chest in Kaaz the Runic's room on level 2A.


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