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Inanna, Goddess of Passion

Some further campaign development. Trying to backtrack and cover "who does my cleric/bladedancer/priestess/witch worship? And since I prefer to provide crunch over fluff, an ACKSified conversion of Succubi, a new monster based very, very loosely on the azata from Pathfinder, and a couple of spells to wrap it up. Note that I started the game in Dwimmermount, so the clerics (and most priestesses) worship what I call the Empyreal Gods- here, reskinned to be the gods of Old Zahar, before the encroaching of Chaos. All references to Thule == Zahar, IMC.

Inanna is a goddess of war, and sex, and passion. She is the Morningstar, and legend has it that she was, so very long ago, one of the Empyrean Gods. Yet they quarreled, and she was replaced with Anesidora and Asana, neither of whom could strive for their predecessor's majesty. Inanna has changed, since her time amongst the Empyreal, and she is now Neutral in alignment.

Inanna's chosen are the bladedancers, but there are some few priestesses who are her sacred prostitutes in her fortress-temples, and even more rare, some few warlocks who work tirelessly to bring her children, the succubi and the bladed lions, to this world for various ends.

Inanna is depicted as a naked, voluptuous, green-skinned woman, bedecked in jewelry, six-armed. In her hands she bears a sword, a spear, a goblet, a scarf, the flower of the black lotus, and a human eye. Prudish temples, or those in places where it would cause strife, depict Inanna's scarf as modestly tucked around her body. Many depictions of Inanna show her bestride a male lion, or standing on the backs of two male lions.

A few theologists note obvious connections to the demoness Szofika- such theologists are recommended to not air this in front of the clergy of the goddess.

It is said that Inanna's displeasure can be felt by the breaking of weapons at crucial times, sudden blindness, the plaguing of holy places with great flocks of harpies, and the breakdown of metal into green chalk.

% In Lair: 5%
Dungeon: Solitary (1)/Solitary (1)
Wilderness: Solitary (1)/Passion (1d4)
Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Fly: 120' (40')
AC: 6
Hit Dice: 6***
Attacks: 1 (touch, sword or kiss)
Damage: 1d3 nonlethal, or 1d6 or 3d6
Save: C6
Morale: +1
XP: 1070
The succubi are the semi-divine daughters of Inanna. There are creatures which are more beautiful than succubi, but few things more beautiful to more creatures. Humans and animals find the succubus' scent alluring. Their features and movements are exotic and intriguing to all human and demihuman cultures. Their sex changes at their leisure- male, female, both or neither, as the situation calls. Succubi tend to default to look like human or elven women, usually with unusually colored skin and hair (green and gold, for example.) Succubi may choose to fly, if they desire, great green-feathered wings unfurling from their perfect backs.

Most succubi summoned to the world bear twin swords made of filigreed iron.

In Inanna's realm, the succubi exist in eternal passion, warring and cavorting with one other, and the bladed lions, and the dead of Inanna's worshippers. They are generally summoned to the mortal world for two purposes- to sate the lusts of arcane spellcasters, who pull them against their will, or to lay with the favored worshippers of Inanna in their great ceremonies. Some few bladedancers, in times of great need, will summon forth a succubus for other reasons, to seduce an enemy or to succor the nearly dead.

Unfortunately, a history of summons by evil-minded arcanists has left many succubi wary and enraged at mortals. These succubi are wholly Chaotic, and when summoned will seek only to use their considerable powers to harm mortals. Such succubi often ally with the servitors of other gods and demons to such ends.
Succubi are immune to non-magical weapons. Humanoids, and creatures potentially attracted to a humanoid, receive a +4 to reaction rolls when encountering a succubus.
The touch (or slap) of a succubus can have one of two effects. The most common is an immediate charm, as the charm person spell cast upon the touched character. The other is a sudden overwhelming fear, as the reverse of the remove fear spell.
A succubus may choose to imbue her kiss with a vitality draining effect, causing 3d6 points of damage to the target and healing the succubus a like amount. A succubus choosing to kiss, however, suffers a -2 to her AC and attack throw for the round.
Finally, a succubus can ignore any spell or spell-like effect with a Magic Resistance throw of 14+.

Bladed Lion
% In Lair: 5%
Dungeon: Solitary (1)
Wilderness: Solitary (1)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 150' (50')
AC: 6
Hit Dice: 5**
Attacks: 3 (2 claws, 1 bite)
Damage: d6+1/1d6+1/1d10+1
Save: F5
Morale: +2
TT: None
XP: 500
Bladed lions look much like their mortal counterparts, save for their composition. They are the personification of Inanna's wrath, and will hunt her foes unto the very ends of the earth.

The flesh of the bladed lion is not unlike fine-grain wood, their forms carved with the tiniest of glyphs proclaiming Inanna's glory. One meaning can be taken from observation: “You may yet escape her wrath, but we were old when the world was young, and once you fled our hunger.” The manes of the bladed lions are like golden wire, razor sharp, and their eyes are the brightest blue. The mouths of the bladed lion are beaked, razor-sharp edges filled with hollow teeth.

A creature bitten by the bladed lion must make a Save vs. Poison. If this save fails, the target is infected with an insidious disease. The target ceases to heal naturally. 1d4 hours later, and every 1d4 hours thereafter, the character suffers 1d6 points of damage. If this damage kills the target, they rise as a zombie 1d4 rounds later. Casting off their clothes, they will walk unerringly (unless accosted) to the nearest holy place of Inanna, where they will prostrate themselves. If the bladed lion yet lives, it will escort this zombie as best it can. Once the zombie has arrived, the flesh rapidly decomposes, revealing the newborn cub of a bladed lion. This cub will then return to Inanna's realm in the Overworld. Of course, many such zombies are destroyed by well-meaning clerics- another source of ire from the followers of Inanna.

Demand of the Sevenfold Lover Arcane 6
Duration: 33 2/3 days Range: 10'
This spell summons forth a succubus, which must serve the caster. The succubus will serve and obey the character that summoned it for a period of 33 2/3 days, until slain, or until dispelled. The casting time for the summons is 1 turn, and the spell may not be cast more than once per week.
Succubi resent being pulled to the mortal world against their will, and they will attempt to twist the meaning of their orders wherever possible. Such pleasure they provide is flavored with scorn and malice. If not ordered to avoid using their powers, they will harm the one they are forced to embrace.

Summon Daughter of Inanna Divine 4 (Bladedancer)
Duration: 33 2/3 days Range: 10'
This spell summons forth a succubus, the divine daughters of Inanna. The succubus, once it hears the summons, may attempt a Save vs. Spells, if it so chooses. Success means the Succubus need not come to the mortal world.
If it does choose to do so, however, the succubus will serve and obey the character that summoned it for a period of 33 2/3 days, until slain, or until dispelled. The casting time for the summons is 1 turn, and the spell may not be cast more than once per week. A bladedancer (or priestess) summoning a succubus may dismiss the succubus at any point within the spell's duration.

Bladedancers may remove “Speak with Plants” from their spell list in favor of Summon Daughter of Inanna.

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