Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dargar Race Stuff

The following files were built using the Player's Companion rules and a bit of elbow grease.

Racial Build Sheet     Deepwarden     Ironguard

Dargar form 1/3 of the Dwarf-Dargar-Kobold racial tangle in my campaign, and are the deeper dwelling, Chaotic counterpart to the more Lawful surface dwarves. Yep, they're 1e duergar, mostly, but there's a bit of derro in there, a bit of Warhammer FRP Chaos Dwarves, and a bit of the 4e duergar (dwarf/demon hybrids).

A dargar vault looks a lot like a dwarf vault, but it's a cramped, dirty, and there are things that are just off. Oozes cling to the walls in the empty buildings, and huge, reinforced spiderwebs hang between the iron-shod ramparts of clanholds, with dargar and their slaves passing to and fro on nefarious errands. In the big vaults, barbazu walk freely. That ironbound door holds back a horde of zombie goblins, ready to be released on invaders, and the foul stink of orc-vats permeates the already sooty air.


I've finished the racial class build sheet, and the Dargar Deepwarden (vaultguard analog, they ride giant spiders) and the Dargar Ironguard (perhaps a barbarian or dwarven fury are the closest kin to these guys.) The math might be a little fuzzy, especially on the racial build sheet, which even the Autarch folk admit is a crapshoot, but I think it's close enough for gummint work.

Soon I should have the demoniac (a cleric/warlock type caster), the savant (a loremastering cleric/mage), and the slayer (assassin/hunter) to round out the Dargar classes. I'll also post their proficiency sheets.

After that, I intend to post their Monsters entry, as well as their giant spider (steeder) mounts.

Then, I think the orc generation tables I've been putting off.

Inspirational images (none of which are mine)
Dargar demoniac or savant
A deepwarden
Group of deepwardens on the prowl
A Savant

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  1. I realized I mathed wrong on 8th+ advancement, so I fixed that. All hail Dropbox!